Amber Yule Akita Inu

KI CHI Go Shun'You Kensha

    Our brindle Spanish beauty Ki Chi, who got her name as a combination of two energies -

KI and CHI.

    Ki Chi is a girl with a fiery temperament, who tastes all the fruits of the South, who with her bubbling energy does not leave anyone indifferent. Perfectly fits into the calm flow of family life, you can laze in the sun on the terrace or be a great companion for a walk in the woods or along the sea.

    The beauty not only lazes in the sun, but also often goes to various international exhibitions, where it is very well appreciated. Ki Chi has been to both European and World Winners' Shows and the Akita Cup.

    The exhibitions gathered a sizable group of titles. Such as: LV CH, LT CH, EST CH, Balt CH, WDS 2018, 3rd place in Intermediate class; LV JCH, EST JCH, WDS 2017, 4th place (44) in Junior class. Best puppy female in the 40th Anniversary Akita Club e.V. dog show, 2017.

    Ki Chi is the mother of many beautiful children who already live in their new families and some continue their mother's exhibition career. Which we are very happy about.

    Health examinations and genetic tests have been performed: HD-CC // ED-00. Eyes Clear; Amelogenesis imperfecta (AI) - PCR; Result: Genotype N / N; Teeth complete; Genetic Diversity Test.

    Ki Chi's grandparents and grandparents are dogs from famous European and Japanese kennels, which have already become legendary for their contribution to the development of the Akita breed.

    The pedigrees can be found below.